• Lawn mowing – we focus on maintaining your lawns on a regular basis from weekly to once every 6 weeks. To keep your garden at a standard that meets your individual needs. Our modern, up to date equipment is adaptable for all lawn sizes.  We currently maintain properties from small domestic lawns to 10 acre lots. Annual slashing of blocks for fire safety.
  • Garden Maintenance – we offer all garden maintenance including weeding, trimming, feeding plants, mulching garden beds, redesign and construction.
  • Rubbish Removal – we load remove and tip all rubbish from green tree rubbish to once a year hard rubbish clean ups.  We provide you with a free on the spot quote. We do all the work for you!!!
  • Tree Removal and Trimming– we remove and trim all trees that are unwanted or considered dangerous, near power lines, houses, overhanging roofs. We trim hedges either on a regular basis or as a required.
  • Garden Restoration/Construction – heavy pruning, removal of dead branches and total garden overhaul; redesign and construction including placement of large rocks, retaining walls, mulching and irrigation systems.
  • Mulching – annual mulching of all size garden beds.
  • Other – irrigation systems, paving, decking, pergolas and maintenance